Saturday, February 11, 2017

WHILE WE ARE BUSY....................

 *8-> day dreamingSaturday turns out to be
 very nice day. Out early
 to shop for food and to
 say hello to neighbors. 
 Lots of conversation all
 about our new prez and
 yada yada yada! Still out
 there with some living in
 daily fear are home grown
 homeless. Media Party has
 sights on big game with a
 big name and story about
 personal shame. 

 Hit pick 5 and early pick 4
 and still did not add up to
 more. Picking winners with
 no winnings is easy chore.
 Chalk is way beyond talk.
 Time to get some fine wine
 and pull that cork!

 Life is good...........

 Barry McChangky    *:-S worried   QUACK!


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