Sunday, February 12, 2017

SUNDAY IN LAND OF ALICE.................

 *&lt:-P partyBeautiful sunny day for 
 San Francisco. Temps
 are seasonal and idea of
 spring in the air. Along
 side is lots of despair. Too
 many unsure where they
 stand and some are already
 making a stand. Is it time to
 strike up revolutionary band?
 Do you want substance or do
 you want a brand? Trump will
 not draw line in sand but buy
 up entire sandbox........

 I closed my eyes listening to
Trump speak and visualized in
 my head Benito Mussolini. Did
 Trump attend Benito's School
 of Political Correctness? 

 Muddy today at Aqueduct but I
 am alive in late pick 4. Not tough 
 to win but tough to earn. Lesson
 I have well learned. Put too much 
 in and will get burned. Delivery
 today from points north and now
 on full. 

   Barry McChangky        *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!       QUACK!  

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