Monday, February 6, 2017

LOOKING BAD MONDAY.............................

 *>:) devilHorrible weather morning in
 San Francisco with rain and
 chill to the bone, Not day for
 walking around licking cold
 ice cream cone. Right out of
 Sherlock Holmes London
 scene. Where is Watson?

 An investigative team needed
 to do what new prez said other
 day, "what the hell is going on?"
 Advisers are acting like your local
 neighborhood "Don." Except these
 guys need tailors! Everyday seems
 like script from noir movie. So tell
 me where is Bogey when needed?
 He's a redneck Christian
 what can one do? 
 Those close are right wingers
 and not a few.
 Wants to put more red into
 red, white and blue and IF
 you don't go along too bad
 for you. In office one day with
 half of nation to sue to stop
 What can you do for this 
 patriotic South Bronx Jew?
  Barry McChangky        *&gt;:D< big hug          QUACK!  

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