Saturday, February 4, 2017

SATURDAY MORNING.........................

 *>:) devilSlept pretty well last night
 to wake up to another day
 in San Francisco. Overnight 
 rain has stopped and I need
 somewhere to go because
 just going with flow going
 very slow. 

 World of politics taking back
 seat today and tomorrow as
 The Media Party stuffs very
 handsome ransom into their
 advertising agencies coffers.
 Guy now living in palace may
 take day off from mailce while
 on his knees praying for winner
 for very well known sinner.

 Time for me to handicap day's
 racing at Aqueduct. Early pick 4
 looks like it has two killers hard
 to bet against and too cheap to
 win and pay ENOUGH! As great
 current philosopher of the day
 Mic Jagger has eloquently stated,
 Enough is never enough.........
  Barry McChangky         *~^o^~ cheer      QUACK!  

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