Friday, March 31, 2017

ANOTHER FRIDAY NIGHT.....................

 *&lt:-P partySpring weather is here with
 another sunny day. Have a
 night at The Bell Tower on
 my mind. Just ordered some
 wine from B and V winery up
 in Sonoma. Celebration wine. 
 Have to say life is good with 
 no reason to whine, not even
 to"go to Miami!"

 Congressman Nunez from parts
 north of here and chairman of a
 congressional committee may
 have to resign. Another wants 
 immunity "Flynn" to testify. It
 may be nothing or everything. 

 Congress is at a standstill.
 Trump voters bewildered where
 they find themselves.
 Your neighbor don't care if twenty
 four million lose health care so
 they get a better deal.
 Many still lining up for food kitchen
 FOR BETTER DEAL!" Get real.........

   Barry McChangky         *[-( not talking        QUACK!

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