Thursday, March 30, 2017


 *>:) devilLooks to me like spring is here!
 Something to cheer and time to
 get ready for fishing and summer
 kegs of beer. Weather is real nice
 like day for walking around eating
 a slice. Spring time and living is

 World news shows volcanoes are
 errupting, famine and drought on
 two continents and "we" are stuck
 in middle of jokers and knuckleheads!
 Not easy for workingmen to get out of
 their beds. Health insurance is safe for
 now but what is down the road? How
 many roads will implode and unsafe
 oil tankers on rail lines ready to blow
 or explode just to get another dirty load
 of unsafe oil byproducts from Canada?

 Private investors putting their money
 into space projects for future space 
 travel while down here world of homeless
 continues to unravel. Speak up and "the
 man" bangs the gravel and sends you to

   Barry McChangky             *8-> day dreaming          QUACK!    

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