Tuesday, March 28, 2017


 *B-) coolTuesday has arrived full 
 of sun, warmth and very
 nice day. Made mistake
 yesterday thinking since
 winter Aqueduct meeting
 is over Belmont spring is
 about to begin. No, it's
 more Aqueduct, spring
 meeting and I have to look
 out not to win while taking
 beating. CHALK!

 Bet lots of lines in MEGA
 drawing tonight using two
 as mega number. Can't tell
 you why without telling you
 a lie, just bet the 2! 

 More people around Trump
 will be forced from cushy jobs
 that upon entry became first
 class slobs. Some size of the
 BLOB! Where's Steve McQueen
 when you need him? Bankers in
 Russia were lining up connections
 said to be like Tony the Tiger says,

 Everyday people more nervous about
 losing little that they have. Politicians
 are at new low with any help coming
 will be real slow. At end of tunnel isn't
 a glow it's fast moving locomotive now
 coming right at you on single track......
 no going back......no do overs........

 Barry McChangky              *:(fight) fight       QUACK! 

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