Monday, March 27, 2017

MONDAY MORNING.......................

 *~^o^~ cheerBeautiful morning around
 San Francisco bay and all
 points north. Hummingbird
 invading tree in front of me
 chasing larger birds away.
 Did not seem, look like play.
 Plays belong on stage and
 White House currently scene
 of great Greek tragedy.....,,

 Basketball spring madness is
 about over and in months to
 come while "sponsors" are busy
 counting profits "we" will be busy
 forgetting who "great" players were.
 Maybe someone will go pro but now
 salary paying owners grabbing them
 in high school and college juniors. 
 Quiet week for betting with Belmont
 preparing for meet. At this track get
 to eat best meat, STEAK! Will keep
 eye out for The Belmont contenders.
 Best scenario for me, winner of first
 two legs and takes all that money in
 pools on Belmont day. Triple crown
 winners are unlike sinners, rare......

 Barry McChangky       *>:) devil         QUACK! 

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