Sunday, March 26, 2017

LAST RACING DAY...................

*>:) devil Finally! Last day of racing
 at Aqueduct winter meet.
 Where winning pick 4's at
 times leave you without 
 chance to bring home meat!
 You win and feel defeat! 
 Sounds like current GOP 
 situation that has stopped
 "our" nation from moving on
 from horrible position. Don't
 need intuition to figure out
 Alice is not on any mission.
 Day to day with absurd orders
 coming down from The Prez 
 with knuckleheads willing to
 stand in front of nation trying
 not to tell real situation.......
 then with those lying lips go
 home and kiss their family.....

 Sunday media has lots to say
 but it's not what to say. Going
 on and on without handle on
 any "real" story anyone will get
 behind out of fear of being wrong. 
 Media coming up weak and wrong
 when it comes to responsibility of
 "informing the general public...."
 Insider crap wrapped in veneer of
 I'm so damn happy to be here........

 Let me roll over in the clover! Seen
 prices made by very high rollers!
 On to Belmont, turf and spring and
 summer of fun, excitement and of
 course WINNING!   *~^o^~ cheer
  Barry McChangky          *B-) cool      QUACK!

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