Saturday, March 25, 2017


 *:(fight) fightGlorious morning 
 with sunshine, songbirds singing
 and me malingering. Life is good.
 Weekend news reports are
 as full of Donald as Donald is
 full of himself. Time to get rid
 of surrounding knuckleheads
 and reach for leadership there
 hiding on the shelf. Maybe one
 of those red neck elves........

 Racing at Aqueduct has too
 many races racing small fields. 
 Not ideal. Yesterday pick 4 and
 pick 5 separated by $.50. Real
 tough betting with what looks to
 be easy steal. BEWARE..........

 World is still one big mess with
 sooooo many trying to get time
 in spotlight to confess. Not a
 continent where there is not a 
 great need. Can you hear the plead?
 Good weather here today for homeless
 who don't think there is a tomorrow. By
 the way how much time between now
 and later? Only politicians know.......
 Look out for flying cans...........

   Barry McChangky         *o|^_^|o music          QUACK

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