Friday, March 10, 2017


 *8-| rolling eyesWeather people got it wrong
 saying sun out today and will
 be very strong. Chilly, dreary
 and not day for cruising long.
 There are new kids in town of
 Washington D.C. trying to fit
 in and belong. Characters out
 of nineteenth century pirate
 novels. One thing about prez's
 new crew is there is nothing at
 all novel. A novel I could put
 down, early...........

 There is famine on two continents
 and pet food industry is thriving.
 People are dying waiting for some
 food to be arriving. Top of mammal
 food chain would rather subjugate
 lesser mammals as "pets" and take
 food out of mouths of other humans
 to keep "them" well fed. Just saying.

 After four dark days at Aqueduct racing
 began with real chalk. Took chance and
 "singled" some races. Did well but got
  got busted in larger field. Small loss
 but never the less now have less but
 there is tomorrow, never the less.....

 Time for Trump to get off the stump
 and start up economic pump..........

  Barry McChangky             *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!         QUACK!

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