Thursday, March 9, 2017

SMART OR LUCKY..............................

 *~^o^~ cheerSmart or lucky?
 What do you want to be?
 Bet first five numbers of 
 my V.A. claim number in
 pick 5 at Monti yesterday.
 Won and ROI of $240.00
 on a $.50 bet! Handicap? 
 That works too, sometimes.

 Needed is handicapper for
 new medical program with
 so many talking out of so 
 many sides of their mouths. 
 ONLY way to make health
 care cheaper is to kick out
 millions of recipients. Well
 do you love your neighbor 
 or your bank account?

 Syria and Iraq still on fire.
 North Korea fired five rockets
 just for batting practice. Over
 in Kabul bombings are daily
 situation. On Highway 80 in
 Cali there is another shootout
 and beat down on road. Ice is
 falling off historic shelves.
 Living along beautiful rivers
 now swallowing all along side. 
 So, do you want to burn some
 gas and go for a ride.........

  Barry McChangky       *&lt:-P party      QUACK!

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