Wednesday, March 8, 2017

LIVING IN.................................

 *&lt:-P partyLiving in a
 knucklehead world,
 just getting by in a
 knucklehead world.
 World engine driven
 by greed and fear but
 all have time to pick up
 six pack of beer. Work
 real hard for better life
 with family and never
 leave home without some
 thoughts of fear........

 Living in a 
 knucklehead world,
 just getting by in a 
 knucklehead world.
 Trump's plan to make health
 care "affordable for some"
 while displacing others real
 terrorist dumb. For the rich one
 more plum while your shooting
 dice hoping for the come. Get
 ready for "new world of hobos 
 and bums!" 

 Living in a
 knucklehead world,
 just getting by in a 
 knucklehead world.
 Immigration, migration!
 Everyday some where 
 another life and death 
 situation. Integration,
 segregation depends on where
 one lives in this nation. When
 was last time you had wonderful
 feeling of elation........ 

 Beautiful morning in San Francisco
 on Scavenger Garbage Day. Also is
 Neither will have parade today......

  Barry McChangky       *>:) devil       QUACK!   

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