Tuesday, March 7, 2017


 *>:) devilNice Tuesday morning after
 root canal at V.A. PAINLESS!
 Dentist with hands of an artist!
 Getting "good" health care at
 V.A. is getting tougher everyday.
 Can it be about the pay? Is there
 political fray? Will those who did
 not serve or those against war in
 general "willingly" continue to pay
 benefits already earned...........

 Prez out there making charges and
 dropping depth charges. Is this guy
 reincarnation or original Artful Dodger?
 Can't wait to hear and see "details" of
 "new affordable health care." Seen
 going back to V.A, is Smokey the Bear.
 New plan will "give access" to all but
 not affordable to twenty million...........
 "My" opinion after going through all
 those layers of Orwellian doublespeak!
 Like any good bully going after those
 who are most weak................. 

 Looks like spring is near and I am one
 ready to cheer. San Francisco looking
 everyday more like Seattle, dreary.

  Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party         QUACK! 

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