Tuesday, March 21, 2017

LOOKING BACK AT......................

 *&lt:-P partyLooking back over many
 years that passed on by
 was struck by how Mick
 knew how to turn a buck.
 It was not just dumb luck
 or knew when to duck....

 The Mick took "us" in song
 from "hard working people,
 salt of the earth moving on
 to you can't always get what
 you want but get what you
 need. To a very sultry tune,
 enough is never enough.
 That is just not off the cuff
 but world gone by entering
 "world where reality is a bluff!"
 How do North Koreans look at
 this rough stuff?

 Morning continued overnight
 rain turning into nice day for
 San Francisco. Spring is here 
 and I'm looking for place to go.

  Barry McChangky       *:(game) play game        QUACK!

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