Thursday, March 23, 2017

THURSDAY CHILLY MORNING.......................

 *:) happyWoke to full sun with backdrop
 of blue. Opened front door to
 check out temps and was all of
 forty two degrees. Back in the
 east where one finds home of
 Winter Beast they would love it!

 Trump is marching forward with
 plans in health care that will show
 world "we" don't care. Federal parks
 cut back so far Smokey the Bear now
 on a diet. Taxes will go down, up will
 go wealth of the richest and don't ask
 Didn't anyone warn Alice's kids to be
 weary what you wish for.............

 Spring is here and I feel the earth 
 ready to move under my feet. Do want
 to be east for The Belmont in June but
 may come sooner...........Aqueduct will
 be over soon,,,,,,,,,,,*~^o^~ cheer 

  Barry McChangky               *8-} silly    QUACK!

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