Saturday, March 4, 2017

SATURDAY, NOT IN THE PARK................

 *:-O surpriseSaturday came in chilly with
 fog and showers but turned
 into nice day. Home playing 
 pick 5 and late pick 4. Lost
 photo in fourth leg of pick 5
 that was oh so close. Late
 pick 4 twice with late scratch.
 Usually lose those but got back
 double on a small one. Still losing
 day with eight of nine winners! I
 must be living among the sinners!
 I'd rather laugh with the sinners
 than cry with the saints, because
 only the good die young. So says
 Billy Joel.........

 Cavier must be on all of Trump's
 new appointees menus because
 everyone is looking to dip. Not
 just a trip but something for all. If
 you didn't get call must have been
 shopping at some new mall with
 name of Trump standing tall! Get
 ready to be put up against the wall,
 get out of way even if you have to
 crawl! If your life is lousy look out
 Stock market so far up none of "us"
 will get out of way of crash and fall!

   Barry McChangky         *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!        QUACK!



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