Friday, March 3, 2017

FRIDAY IN SAN FRANCISCO.............................

 *:> smugStarted day off by getting 
 annoyed with VAMC and 
 its automated phone system.
 Get better answers from good
 old theology! Medical practitioner
 gives me "business card" with
 telephone number of hospital BUT
 NO extension number! Then loop on
 system goes round and round until
 you realize there is no one around! 
 Card in mail that is puzzle to open
 tells me to call for appointment with
 results calling a plumber in slumber!

 Betting pick 4's today went down like
 submarine getting out of way of that
 oncoming destroyer! Won early pick 
 but lost money and second pick 4
 was out early door. Win one, lose one.
 All in all big shnoor...........

 Well it's Friday night and I
 need to find somebody.
 Not too old and prefer cute
 young hotty! My record of 
 late kind of spotty. Looking
 back all gets real cloudy.
 With "the past" now gone,
 no seat in heaven for this
 sinner south Bronx Jew-boy
 I will head out for Bell Tower!
 If all fails they do have great
 wine is good!

  Barry McChangky            *:-? thinking        QUACK!    

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