Thursday, March 2, 2017

HIGH WINDS........................

 *:-h waveHigh winds today in 
 southern New Yawk 
 with racing canceled
 at Aqueduct but up in
 the mountains Monti
 is going. The standard
 breed are a tough sort. 
 Jimmy "to the front" Devuex
 always turns one into a foe
 that is formidable. Go Jimmy!
 Make "them" catch you from
 behind or with Joe O'Brien grind.

 Other race on the big track is our
 own prez who promises to get all
 back on right track. Will get rid of
 those using crack and give drug
 dealers a real smack! Better duck
 and don't look back.........

 Feeling in air is that very soon "all
 will be different." Is "change" we
 hear coming one to fear? Or is it
 another nickel to go with penny in
 your pocket? WHERE ARE NEEDS
 building go to Mars rocket? 

 Spiders have come again to visit
 my front window frame. Every three
 days have to confront web like some
 absurd on going game.............
  Barry McChangky         *&lt):) cowboy      QUACK!

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