Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WHEN EAGLES LAND......................

*:-& sick March has come in like a lamb.
 Warmth of spring like sun and
 after last night's "speech" many
 are looking to go on the lamb.
 Another big picture speech to
 divide further party lines while
 throwing out Orwellian signs. 
 No respect for voter's minds.
 Never spoke about Russians
 and that is on "People's Minds."

 Big picture last night was good
 reminder of mental blight, Too
 many don't even know why they
 should stand up and report for
 oncoming "the good fight!" I did
 hear from "someone that knows"
 civil servants are in a fright.........
 no time to take things light unless
 your talking about Bud Lite.....

 Warm sunny morning in San Francisco
 with Scavenger Refuse Collection going
 on outside my door. Every Wednesday 
 come to pick up some more. Everyday 
 life has "new" things coming your way
 that one can't ignore. Time to check out
 equipment on your "ship to shore!" 

  Barry McChangky          *>:) devil         QUACK!   

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