Tuesday, May 16, 2017

LIKE A WHALE............................

 *>:) devilLike a whale in
 shallow water,
 open to attack
 by all predators 
 passing on by.
 Food source that
 will last lifetime
 for feasting predators.
 No help is coming as
 slaughter continues. 
 What is not on menus?
 Tearing at and away skin
 so thick as a brick. None
 into it for a nick and have
 brought along The Pick.
 To pierce, not prick.

 Tide is out and hunger is in.
 Hungry for good spot on the
 whale disassembling line.
 Layer after layer being pulled,
 tugged and cut from body.
 All covered in blood with parts
 of The Whale dangling from teeth.
 For this whale "they" will lay no

 San Francisco mixed bag of weather.
 Cold to chilly and damp. Dark day at
 Belmont and short racing fields at
 Monti. Life is good and The Preakness
 is coming! Hope for triple crown contender.
 In Belmont will take large share of pools
 and for me that is good...........

  Barry McChangky              *o|\~ sing                 QUACK!

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