Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ROLLING ALONG............

 *B-) coolSunny Wednesday morning
 in San Francisco with lots of
 house repairs with garbage
 day pick up for noise heaven.
 Even bell ringing evangelists.
 Ahhh, San Francisco morning.

 It didn't take long before Jewish
 guy in Trump family who is as 
 they say married to a Cossack
 has fickle finger of fate pointed
 at him. Investigation time.......
 In short time in office there are
 so many bodies falling one can
 feel earth rumble. Only way to be
 political spokesman is to mumble.
 And please don't fumble..............

 Summer is here and Belmont is
 only a week from Saturday. Time to
 see "who was eligible for Triple Crown
 races and did not run in first two legs!"
 Long live TONALIST!!!!!!!!!!!

  Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party          QUACK!  

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