Thursday, June 1, 2017


 *&lt:-P partyBatting five hundred,
 didn't win a thing.
 No trip to Las Vegas
 for a fling nor buying
 even cheap bling. 
 Picking winners by the
 spread won't make the
 fat lady pay or sing.
 Maybe an order of fast
 food chicken wings.......

 The Donald has made 
 major political move that
 for planet earth will surly
 not improve. What is he
 "really" trying to prove?
 Is it correct political groove?
 Bait and switch move? So far
 "our allies" are not so willing 
 to be allied...........

 Nice weather today around all
 of San Francisco bay. Signs on
 ground point to more decay and
 will get worse because "we" don't
 want to pay. Homeless are being
 moved, removed but life not improved.
 Real estate in town hitting new highs
 along with "the DOW!" Don't want to
 go back to water buffalo and plow but
 finding ways to make life "affordable"
 becoming daily problem for many......

  Barry McChangky           *:-)/\:-) high five         QUACK!

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