Saturday, May 13, 2017


 *=; talk to the handBeautiful Saturday morning fit
 for spring walk on Shabbas. I
 am into going out in world for
 some fun,sun and pork on a bun.
 All I have seen or had contact with 
 this morning is an itsy bitsy spider.
 Little guy can't eat much but walks
 across border from hallway to living
 room like real border..........

 Saturday morning news is local with
 some just unable to hold back shot
 at The Prez. I hear lot of "he's your
 prez not mine..." No matter how bad
 things may be Alice's kids don't come
 together but look for better position.
 Everyone on narrow single minded

 Bet late pick 4 with two all races due
 to five horse field. Nice to be able to

  Barry McChangky             *:-c call me                QUACK!

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