Sunday, May 14, 2017


 *&lt:-P partyLand of Alice is 
 in real turmoil.
 New prez has
 brought all to boil.
 From any sound 
 he will not recoil. 
 Has no intention
 of playing according
 to Hoyle. If you really
 piss him off will send 
 you to Office of the Moil!

 Life around world in usual 
 boil. So many not making
 living no matter how much
 one toils. Yet The Prez wants
 to know if your loyal! Man
 really believes he is royal and
 is going on road trip to taste
 food that one does not boil.......

 Life in neighborhood has been
 quiet without any riot. Life for
 all not that good and all one can
 do is wait and buy it. Budget is
 coming and won't be pretty.....

 Good day for pick 4's with good
 run on back end with not so
 handsome a ransom but winners
 and batting practice for Belmont
   Barry McChangky       *#-o d'oh!       QUACK!

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