Friday, June 23, 2017

FRIDAY MORNING..............................

 *B-) coolAwoke to beautiful full sun.
 San Francisco morning with
 no fog and looks to be day for
 strolling city eating pork on a bun.
 Get out for outdoor's fun. Coming
 weekend has fundraising run,,,,,,

 Morning news of the prez's next
 move to destruct health care with
 behind door's GOP plan for GOP
 eyes only. "Those" that will talk
 but not balk at vote wear chameleon's 
 coat. Easy for those politician's who
 turn law to cold slaw, get elected and
 then "retire" as registered lobbyist.....           .

 Pick 4's in twilight for Belmont today.
 Late start to get those getting off work
 to stop for a race or two before on way
 to The Hampton's. Nice try as I will today
 with turf races on the menu. Life is good.

 Summer is here and living for many is 
 not easy. Homeless rate inclines with all
 this good dry weather. San Franciscan's
 will still wear leather. Knuckleheads out
 selling knock offs made of pleather.....  

 Going to bet lottery tonight with "2" as
 mega number. Twins on the way...........
 309 for daily number feels good........

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil            QUACK!

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