Saturday, June 24, 2017

PALACE OF MALICE.......................

 *:) happyPalace of Malice is not
 only a great race horse but 
 daily political conversation
 of course. Language by actors
 has been very coarse. Some
 have even apologized later.....

 Health Plan by Trump is just
 one more product to roll out.
 This week the weak will be meek
 and strong will not go along. So
 where do "YOU" stand and where
 do you "think" you belong........

 Saturday morning of Pride Week.
 Will all be dancing cheek to cheek? 
 Early morning crew up at Twin Peaks
 setting up traditional pink to link
 all into seeing others as humans.......

 Pick 4 Saturday with ten races to put
 Barry through the paces. All dressed
 and even tied shoe laces. Fog begins
 to break up and may be an outside day.
 Remember there is still ongoing war.
 Afghanistan since 2001 is "Orwell's
 WAR OUT THERE!" Sixteen years of
 despair in place where there is no repair.
 V.A. still does not give good care for all
 those broken warriors waiting for care.
 and your worried about "your" health care.

  Barry McChangky              *>:) devil               QUACK! 

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