Saturday, July 15, 2017

DON'T KNOW WHERE.............................

 *?@_@? studyingDon't know where
 I went wrong.
 Can't hit pick 4
 that pays strong!
 Oh baby, I got those
 pick 4 blues. 

 Picked eight of nine races.
 Tote board showing no grace.
 Chalk running me down each
 and every race. Long shots are
 there just behind a trace. Look
 long shot in eye gives up race.
 Feel when I win should not get
 paid with slap in the face.
 Oh baby, I got those pick 4 blues.

 Looked all around, checked out
 every clue. Handicapper's picks
 should cause them to be sued. 
 Some so outlandish to be rude.
 Some use ancient methods that
 are really crude. So here I am,
 and oh baby, got those pick 4 blues.

 Getting dressed, putting on shoes.
 Going to Bell Tower for so so food.
 Wine list puts me in the mood. Want
 to act like very nice dude, have to be
 careful not to be rude. Will get up
 tomorrow and be over the pick 4 blues.

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil         QUACK!  

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