Thursday, July 13, 2017


 *:->~~ spookyI'm not sitting down at
 dock of the bay but I'm
 pretty much doing as I
 may. Sitting at computer
 betting and winning early
 pick 4 and decided to go
 back for some more. It's
 only into third leg of late
 guaranteed pick 4 about
 $250,000.00 and is usually 
 more. But you ask for a
 slice of New York chocolate
 cheese cake and get shmores.
 Chalk is following me............

 All Star Game has come and gone.
 Pitcher's duel and not home run 
 festival. Thrill is gone.....
 Lots of spots for jocks in world of
 making crazy amounts of money.
 Walk around dressed to the nines
 with women on arm that's divine.
 For you no standing in line because
 your a jock that can shock and eat at
 breakfast omelette of hemlock.........

 Blustery day for San Francisco. Sun
 is out with dampness and chill. Not a
 day for walking uphill. Going to watch
 third leg of late pick 4 and pick it up 
 from there................

 Prez in France to do diplomatic dance.
 No time to take chance on romance.....

  Barry McChangky         *[]--- cook          QUACK!


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