Friday, July 14, 2017

FRIDAY MORNING...................

 *>:) devilMixed sky this Friday morning
 in San Francisco. Block is very
 quiet and peaceful. Hard to
 believe this is someone's "war
 out there." Looking, reading
 from far away trusting what is
 in front of you. Do you have a
 "frame of reference" that can
 separate lie from a clue........

 Morning runners are out. Quiet
 as they pick up and put down 
 legs and feet. What is noticed is
 how "San Franciscans stay neat!"
 Hard to do in the heat and unlike
 New Yawk City heat does not come
 back at you from street. So they say.

 Prez in France continuing political/
 diplomatic dance. Picks at issues
 as if holding a lance while hiding fat
 under over sized pants! Talk about
 taking fashion statement chance 
 while he rants........absurd!

 Going to check out pick 4's at Belmont. 
 Looks like tough card with too many to
 pick and choose in one race. Merton is
 at Plainridge in four of five pick 5 races. 
 Bet him and all in final leg. I did! Yes he
 does out drive others.................

   Barry McChangky         *~^o^~ cheer          QUACK! 


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